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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Warm Welcome to Readers from China (你好世界)

;; A warm welcome to readers from China!

;; After many years when this blog's audience was strictly Empire and
;; Colonies only, I've recently noticed a vast number of hits from
;; China.

;; It turns out I'm on the front page if you search for Clojure on
;; baidu, which goes to show what a very fine search engine it is.

;; This blog is about my continuous process of learning Clojure. In it
;; I have conversations with my REPL about stuff I don't understand,
;; hoping to understand it by poking it with a stick and seeing what
;; happens.

;; I'm told that this is how to say hello world in Mandarin:
(defn 你好世界 []
  (print "你好世界"))

;; Clojure seems to deal well with this:
user> (你好世界)

;; Is this right? And how do I pronounce it?


    You can get the pronunciation from this website.

  2. your blog seems host on google's blogger? its strange that unless you use a proxy , you cant access blogger from china

  3. nee-how, shih-djay