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Thursday, February 14, 2013

A Naive Bayesian Classifier

Anyway this very evening Hermann Hauser of this parish is telling me that Machine Learning is the coming next big thing and those skills are highly in demand.

So if anybody wants to give me a fuckload of money for this old rope, they must feel free

;; A Naive Bayesian Classifier

;; Ed Jackson ( ) and I are currently working
;; our way through Kevin Murphy's book:
;; Machine Learning: A Probabilistic Perspective.

;; Ed tells me that there is big money in this Machine Learning game.

;; We have just read chapter 3, which involves a hair-raising amount
;; of Greek, but when all is said and done boils down to this:

;; We got Martians, who tend to be thin, tall and green
(defn make-martian []
    (if (< (rand) 0.2) :fat :thin)
    (if (< (rand) 0.7) :tall :short)
    (if (< (rand) 0.8) :green :blue)})

; And we got Venusians, who tend to be fat and blue
(defn make-venusian []
    (if (< (rand) 0.8) :fat :thin)
    (if (< (rand) 0.5) :tall :short)
    (if (< (rand) 0.3) :green :blue)})

; They visit Harry's 
(defn make-space-bar-patron []
  (if (< (rand) 0.3) (make-martian) (make-venusian)))

; Harry takes notes
(def client-database
  (for [i (range 10000)] (make-space-bar-patron)))

; Like this:
(take 5 client-database)
(#{:tall :martian :blue :thin} 
 #{:blue :venusian :short :fat} 
 #{:blue :venusian :short :thin} 
 #{:tall :martian :green :fat} 
 #{:martian :blue :short :thin})

; And tabulates them so:
(def martians (filter :martian client-database))
(def venusians (filter :venusian client-database))

(count martians) ; 3054
(count (filter :thin martians)) ; 2454
(count (filter :green martians)) ; 2438
(count (filter :tall martians)) ; 2177

(count venusians) ; 6946
(count (filter :fat venusians)) ; 5628
(count (filter :blue venusians)) ; 4919
(count (filter :tall venusians)) ; 3535

; A guy walks into Harry's
(def new-guy (make-space-bar-patron))

; But he is not wearing his uniform
(reduce disj new-guy [:martian :venusian])  ; #{:blue :short :fat}

; And so a sweepstake comes into being:
(defn probability [characteristic given-class prior-for prior-against]
  (let [class (if given-class (filter given-class client-database) client-database)
        for (count (filter characteristic class))
        against (- (count class) for)
        total-for (+ prior-for for)
        total-against (+ prior-against against)]
    (/ total-for (+ total-for total-against))))

(def m (* (probability :martian nil 1 1)      ; most people come in here are venusians
          (probability :blue  :martian 1 1)   ; and martians tend to be green
          (probability :short :martian 1 1)   ; also he's short. Martians are tall, often
          (probability :fat   :martian 1 1))) ; and fat. All the fat guys is from Venusburg

(def v (* 
        (probability :venusian nil 1 1)       ; most likely he's from venus
        (probability :blue  :venusian 1 1)    ; the blueness bears this out
        (probability :short :venusian 1 1)    ; sometimes they are short, sometimes they are tall
        (probability :fat   :venusian 1 1)))  ; but they are mostly fat

(float (/ m (+ m v))) ; 0.017495114
(float (/ v (+ m v))) ; 0.9825049

;; 45:1 he's from Venus !

new-guy ; #{:blue :short :venusian :fat}

;; As indeed he is.


  1. Rats, now I'm going to have to get my post on this stuff up. Curse you John Aspden !

  2. Love the 'conversational' style in which you write clojure code, it makes it so readable,