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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

xxdiff and hg view with mercurial

Not really clojure, but now I'm using it properly on a project where we're using mercurial for version control

Enabling xxdiff

You can link xxdiff into mercurial, but you have to modify the hgrc file

add to  $HOME/.hgrc

hgext.extdiff =

and then we can say

hg extdiff -p program -o options


$ hg extdiff -p xxdiff -o -r

which causes xxdiff -r to run
$ hg extdiff -p kdiff3

We can be even more subtle by adding an explicit command for xxdiff -r

cmd.xxdiff = xxdiff
opts.xxdiff = -r

which allows us to use

$ hg xxdiff

to call xxdiff directly in its recursive mode.

Enabling hg view

While we're messing about with .hgrc, add


which will enable the hg view command.

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  1. This page makes what's going on with mercurial
    transparently clear: